Week of Wellness | The Perfect Spring Gift


Spring is all about growth, relaxation, and starting fresh. The flowers are arriving, the birds are returning, and Vermont feels fresh again. We want you to feel just as alive and rejuvenated.

We've collaborated with Stowe Street Cafe and OPEN Community Acupuncture to offer you a simple, yet powerful way to create a Week of Wellness for yourself or someone else. The Week of Wellness is designed to give you easy, excellent options to try delicious food and smoothies from Stowe Street Cafe, a few relaxing sessions of acupuncture, and a personalized facial with us at BHAV Spa.

How does the Week of Wellness work?

Now until May 20th you can stop into BHAV Spa on Main street in Waterbury or head to our Book Appointment page to order online. For $135 you’ll purchase the Spring Detox Package/Week of Wellness. It’s a buy now, redeem later situation. We are offering a limited number and sales only continue until May 20th, so snag one today.

Once the Week of Wellness arrives, May 21-25, those who purchased the Spring Detox Package will be able to visit each of our three businesses to get their treatments and meals. It’s a no-hassle way to have a week of treating yourself or someone else.


Looking for more details about the package, how to buy, when to use, or what’s inside? Give us a call 802-595-9277! We’d love to chat.