BHAV relaxation massage

60min: $85

75min: $105

90min: $125

Relaxation massage uses long gliding strokes with medium to light pressure to help release tight muscles promoting total body and mind relaxation

Deep Tissue Massage 

60min: $95

75min: $115

90min: $135

Aimed at the deeper tissue structure and fascia. Aimed at releasing chronic tension or "knots"

hot stones massage

75min: $125

90min: $140 

Heated smooth stones glide over your body warming the muscles bringing you to a soothing state of peace and well-being.

Express Massage

30min: $50

30 Minute Express Massage focuses on Head, Neck and Shoulders A perfect lunch time escape or after work relaxation session. 

prenatal massage

60min: $95

75min: $115

Massage Specially crafted for pregnant women. Soft soothing hands and extra pillows for support and a warm and cozy room.